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Tenerife Diving Prices – How much do our dives cost?

Below you will see in a clear and summarized way the prices available for our diving experiences in Tenerife, remember that you can book online below each price table!

Diving baptism prices

Is it your first time diving and you want it to be spectacular?

With the scuba diving baptism and Discover Scuba Diving you will enjoy the underwater world even if you have no previous experience.

ServicePrice (EUR)
Try Dive (20 minutes)75
Try Dive (40 minutes)95
Discover Scuba Diving (with e-learning)115
2nd baptism/DSD on the same day45
Accompanying person (transfer only)10
Photos for 1 person25
Photos for 2 persons40
Transportation to Playa la Arena15
Transportation from Tenerife South per person2

PADI Open Water Diver Tenerife prices

PADI Open Water Diver is the first step to really get started in diving.

A certification that will allow you to dive anywhere in the world autonomously with a dive buddy of equal or higher certification.

ServicePrice (EUR)
OWD Course395
Advanced AOWD course (20% discount)276
Accompanying person (transfer only)10
Transportation (per person)4

Dive prices for scuba dives with instructors

You already have some experience and only want to book dives with qualified dive instructors?

Come with us to discover spectacular backgrounds all over Tenerife.

ServicePrice (EUR)
1 dive40
2 dives in one day70
4 dives in two days130
Equipment rental for 1 dive5
Accompanying person (transfer only)10
Scuba Review35
Insurance 1 day6

Give the gift of scuba diving to your loved ones with the gift certificate

A Gift Voucher is a wonderful way to gift a diving experience to a loved one. Instead of purchasing a specific dive package, the Gift Voucher gives the recipient the flexibility to choose their own date and time for the dive experience.

Once the recipient receives the Gift Voucher, they can contact our dive center to schedule their dive experience at a date and time that is convenient for them.

The prices of the gift voucher are the same as you can see in the tables above.

Competitive prices without skimping on quality

We do not say it ourselves, but the opinions of our customers: our dive center has an excellent quality/price ratio. And these are just a few reasons:

  1. Quality of service: Although we offer competitive prices, we do not skimp on the quality of the service we provide. We have a team of experienced and certified instructors and guides, as well as high quality diving equipment that is kept in perfect condition. In addition, we make sure to keep dive groups small and personalized to ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience.
  2. Additional services: In addition to the baptisms, courses and independent dives, we offer additional services such as equipment rental, transportation, escort and Scuba Review, among others, that allow you to customize your diving experience to your personal needs and preferences, so you can get it cheaper.
  3. Location: We are located in Tenerife South, an area that offers a great variety of marine species, reefs and underwater caves that make your diving experience unforgettable. Being in a favorable location, we can offer more competitive prices without compromising the quality of our services.