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Dive shops in Tenerife

tiendas buceo tenerife submarinismo

Exploring Tenerife’s underwater depths requires the right equipment and knowledge. Fortunately, the island is full of high quality dive shops. Below we highlight the 5 best dive shops in Tenerife, ensuring you’re prepared for your next aquatic adventure.

The 5 best dive shops in Tenerife

Store NameLocationMain ProductsServices OfferedFeatured Brands
Shark Free Diving StoreSanta Cruz de TenerifeComplete diving equipmentTechnical support, insurance, personalized attention, availability, speedVariety of leading brands
Box-Fish – Dive ShopCosta del SilencioRegulators, suits, fins, masks, dive computersProfessional advice, quick delivery, customer service, return managementAPEX, AQUALUNG, CRESSI, SCUBAPRO, etc.
Tenerife Diving ShopLos AbrigosSuits, fins, masks, regulators, dive computers, etc.Official Mares technical service, personalized advice, technical divingAqualung, Apeks, Cressi, Suunto, etc.
Caza SubSanta Cruz de TenerifeEquipment for spearfishing and freedivingPersonalized advice, courses and initiation, underwater photography supportVariety of specific brands
Scubatec CanariasSanta Cruz de TenerifeSuits, masks, fins, regulators, computers, vests, accessoriesOfficial SCUBAPRO technical service, maintenance and repair, reviews and certificationsSCUBAPRO, PICASSO, OCEANIC, etc.

1. Dive shop Tiburón Libre

The Tienda de buceo Tiburón Libre in Tenerife is a reference establishment for diving and scuba diving enthusiasts in the Canary Islands. Its location in Santa Cruz de Tenerife makes it easily accessible, and it offers customers one hour of free parking.

📍Location in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Products and Services:

  • Variety of Diving Equipment: The shop offers a wide range of diving equipment, from the smallest items such as fin straps to complete sets.
  • Technical Service and Insurance: Provides technical support and equipment repair, as well as insurance related to diving.
  • Personalised attention: Customers highlight the personalised and professional attention they receive, supported by the extensive experience of the owner, José. They not only help in the selection of products, but also provide advice and useful tips for divers.
  • Availability and Speed: If the customer needs a specific product that is not in stock, the shop is committed to getting it in a short time. This highlights its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Reputation and Trust:.

  • Competitive Pricing: The shop offers reasonable prices, and some customers suggest that, although they could find cheaper products online, the quality of service and advice outweighs any difference in cost.
  • Leader in Diving in Tenerife: With numerous positive reviews, the shop has established its reputation as a leader in the field of diving in Tenerife.
  • Commitment to the Client: Several clients have highlighted how José, the owner, goes the extra mile in customer service, even confronting brands if necessary to defend the client’s interests.
  • Brands and Suppliers: Tiburón Libre works with a wide range of leading brands in the sector.

2. Box-Fish – Dive Shop Tenerife

Box-Fish – Dive Shop is a leading dive shop located in Tenerife, much appreciated by locals and tourists alike. The shop offers a wide variety of products and services in different categories. The main ones are described below:

📍Location in Costa del Silencio (Tenerife south)


  1. Regulators: Devices that allow you to breathe underwater, including brands such as APEX, AQUALUNG, CRESSI and SCUBAPRO.
  2. Suits: Garments to protect from the cold, chafing and bites, available in neoprene, lycra and drysuit.
  3. Fins: In various shapes and sizes, such as open, closed, adjustable or removable.
  4. Goggles: Underwater goggles in styles such as monolens, bifocals, panoramic or frameless.
  5. Dive computers: Devices that report essential dive data, including models such as watches, wristbands, consoles or integrated.

Brands: The shop works with renowned brands such as Shearwater Research, NERD 2, Predator and DCIEM, offering a wide range of dive computers and related accessories. The GARMIN Mk2i dive computer is also mentioned, evidencing a diverse and high quality selection.


  • Professional Advice: Shop staff offer expert advice to help customers select the right equipment.
  • Fast Delivery: The fast delivery service is outstanding, even between islands.
  • Customer Service: The shop provides excellent customer service, including after-sales support and communication via WhatsApp.
  • Returns Management: A return has been handled promptly, showing an efficient returns policy.

Reputation: The shop has a solid reputation for offering competitive prices and great variety in makes and models. Customer reviews praise the quality and variety of equipment, the friendly and professional service, and the very low prices. Many customers have expressed their intention to return and highly recommend it.

3. Tenerife Diving Shop

Tenerife Diving Shop is a renowned dive shop located in Los Abrigos, Tenerife, offering a wide range of diving related products and services.

📍Location in Los Abrigos

Products: The shop offers a large selection of equipment and accessories from industry leading brands such as Aqualung, Apeks, Cressi, Suunto, FOURTH ELEMENT, TECLINE, MARES and HOLLIS. Products range from wetsuits, fins, masks and regulators to dive computers, compasses and other electronic devices.


  • Official Mares Technical Service: They offer diving equipment servicing and maintenance.
  • Personalised Advice: The shop is known for its well-trained staff who are ready to advise customers on the best choice of equipment.
  • Technical Diving: In addition to recreational diving, they offer equipment and options for technical diving.

Reputation: Customer reviews highlight the professionalism, reliability, friendliness and knowledge of the team. Many customers have shared their satisfaction with the service received and the wide variety of models in stock. The commitment to sustainability and respect for marine life is also highlighted, as well as some unique details such as bronze jewellery and the owner’s mascot, named Scuba.

4. Caza Sub

The Tienda Caza Sub is a shop specialising in spearfishing located in the Sra. de África shopping centre in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is a renowned and highly recommended establishment for spearfishing and freediving enthusiasts.

📍Location in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Products: The shop offers a wide range of spearfishing equipment and accessories, including:

  • Wetsuits and equipment such as booties, gloves and belts.
  • Fins, both homemade and handmade.
  • Respirator masks and tubes.
  • Rifles and knives.
  • Buoys and plates.
  • DIY accessories and tools, such as neoprene covers for submersible torches and urine collectors.
  • Measuring devices such as computer clocks or depth gauges.


  • Personalised Advice: The shop offers personalised attention and detailed advice on spearfishing equipment and techniques, including help in finding the right wetsuit.
  • Courses and Initiation: The shop provides information and educational resources on spearfishing initiation, ethics, fishing techniques (such as waiting fishing, stalking fishing), freediving exercises, and freediving safety.
  • Cazafotosub: Offers support and interests in underwater photography.

Reputation: The Caza Sub Shop enjoys an excellent reputation for its professional and friendly service. Customers have praised the quality of the equipment, the variety of products and the expert advice provided by the owner, Juan Cabeza, known as Tono. The latter is highlighted as a character and professional freediver, who not only sells products but also educates and shares his passion with customers.

5. Scubatec Canarias – SCUBAPRO Canarias Distributor

Scubatec Canarias is a leading dive shop in Tenerife, known for its professionalism and efficient service, as well as its extensive catalogue with powerful diving brands from all over the world.

📍Location in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Brands: As official SCUBAPRO distributor for the Canary Islands, Scubatec Canarias works with leading brands in the diving industry, including SCUBAPRO, PICASSO, OCEANIC, TECNOMAR, HOLLIS and STAGLIFE. These brands are renowned for the quality and variety of their diving equipment.

Products: The shop offers a wide range of diving equipment, which includes:

  • Wetsuits, masks, fins.
  • Regulators and computers.
  • Waistcoats, knives, torches.
  • Accessories such as bags, buoys, whistles, and more. Product prices are available online on the SCUBAPRO website, and customers can contact the shop by phone or email for more details.


  • Official SCUBAPRO Technical Service: Scubatec Canarias is the point of reference for official SCUBAPRO technical service in the Canary Islands.
  • Maintenance and Repair: In addition to SCUBAPRO products, the shop offers maintenance and repair of other diving equipment.
  • Checks and Certifications: The shop carries out periodic checks and certifications of compressed air cylinders, thus ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.

Reputation: Scubatec Canarias has received positive reviews for its efficiency in orders and seriousness in dealing with customers. The professionalism and friendly attitude of the team are highlighted by customers, who consider it to be one of the best diving suppliers in the Canary Islands.

Top sellers in dive shops

These are the categories of products you will find in the island’s dive shops:

  • Regulators: Essential devices for breathing underwater.
  • Neoprene suits: They offer protection against the cold and other elements.
  • Fins: Allow efficient movement underwater.
  • Diving Masks: Essential for underwater vision.
  • Dive Computers: Provide vital information about the dive.
  • BCDs: Help to control the buoyancy of the diver.
  • Diving Knives: Multi-purpose safety tool.
  • Underwater Flashlights: Lighting for diving in low light conditions.
  • Snorkels: Used for breathing at the surface.
  • Bags and Containers: For transporting and storing diving equipment.
  • Surface buoys and markers: For safety and communication on the surface.
  • Underwater Cameras and Accessories: For capturing images and videos underwater.
  • Maintenance Accessories and Tools: For the care and repair of the equipment.

The best-known diving brands to buy in-store

If you are going to buy diving equipment or some individual pieces of equipment in a dive shop in Tenerife, go for one of these brands:

  1. Scubapro: Known for its high quality regulators and wetsuits.
  2. Aqualung: One of the oldest brands, famous for a wide range of products.
  3. Cressi: An Italian brand known for its innovation and design.
  4. Mares: Offers a wide range of equipment, from masks to dive computers.
  5. Suunto: Specializing in dive computers and compasses.
  6. Atomic Aquatics: Renowned for its high-end regulators.
  7. Oceanic: Offers a variety of equipment, from regulators to BCDs.
  8. Hollis: Famous in technical diving, with robust and reliable equipment.
  9. Shearwater Research: Known for its advanced dive computers.
  10. Fourth Element: Specializing in wetsuits and technical clothing.
  11. Tecnomar: Offers a wide range of products, from accessories to drysuits.
  12. Apeks: Renowned for its regulators and technical diving equipment.
  13. Garmin: Famous for its high-tech watches and dive computers.
  14. OMS: Offers equipment for technical and recreational diving, including wings and weight systems.
  15. Bare: Known for its high-quality wetsuits and drysuits.

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