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Diving in El Condesito

buceo el condesito tenerife

El Condesito is an amazing place for diving in Tenerife. With an average depth of 15 meters and a maximum depth of 20 meters, this site is suitable for divers of all levels.

The main attractions of this place are the lava flows, the volcanic formations called columnar disjunction and a 40-meter wreck. In addition, the area has a varied fauna that includes bogue, trumpet fish, lizard fish, vieja, catalufa and octopus.

🧭 The best diving areas in El Condesito

One of the most interesting points of the dive at El Condesito is the exploration of the peak.

The aft hold is one of the most accessible areas, while the rest of the ship has collapsed over time.

It is also worthwhile to dive along the veril, parallel to the coast, where you can see the spectacular formations of the blanquizales.

🐠 What marine species can be seen in the area?

  • Boga: fish with an elongated and fusiform body, a large mouth and sharp teeth. It usually inhabits rocky or reef areas.
  • Trumpet fish: elongated and narrow fish, with a protuberance on the head similar to a trumpet. It usually inhabits rocky or coral areas.
  • Lizardfish: fish with an elongated and flattened body, a large head and very large scales. It inhabits rocky and reef areas.
  • Old: fish with an elongated and flattened body, a large head and a prominent jaw. It usually inhabits rocky and reef areas.
  • Catalufa: large and corpulent fish, with a big head and strong jaws. It usually inhabits rocky areas and reefs.
  • Octopus: soft-bodied cephalopod, with 8 arms and a large head. It is able to change color and texture to camouflage itself. It lives in rocky and reef areas.

🤿 Diving conditions in El Condesito

Currents at El Condesito are rare, but if they do occur, they can be moderate to strong.

The type of bottom is rocky and very rugged, so caution should be taken with iron plates, whose edges are sharp and rusty.

The area is very crowded, so it is important to follow safety rules and watch out for other divers.

📍How to get there?

El Condesito is a diving area near the lighthouse of Punta Rasca, a cape in the municipality of Arona on the island of Tenerife. It is located in the south of the island and is accessed mainly by the Southern Motorway TF-1 and the Carretera General del Sur TF-66.

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